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Trust Administration takes on different meanings depending on the type of Trust instrument and the appointed trustee. For those trusts requiring it, we can ensure compliance with complex tax laws. As related to special needs and supplementary needs trusts, we are careful to comply with requirements of public benefit programs. In all cases, we assist in confirming the appointment of the trustee and guide them through the complex process of asset management, management of conflicting beneficial interests, and accounting to beneficiaries.

When is a Trust Administration Attorney Required?

Trusts are created for a variety of purposes. The reasons for the trust are vetted during the estate planning conference. Generally, the trust is either actively used in the present time or following the death of either the grantor or a beneficiary. Assistance from a Trust Administration Attorney is necessary when the contents of the trust are varied, such as containing real estate and various financial assets. Also, you might choose to retain counsel if the Trustee needs help in complying with the various reporting requirements that exist. Lastly, the needs and actions of the beneficiaries may necessitate the hiring of a qualified Trust Administration Attorney.

What Kind of Things Come Up during the Course of the Life of a Trust?

The life of a trust will vary based on the desire of the grantor. In some cases a grantor, the creator and funder of the trust, might create a trust for the benefit of a surviving spouse, in which case if both spouses live to a ripe old age, the trust may not be required for a lengthy period of time. However, if the beneficiary of the trust is a child, or grandchild, then the trust could last for a very long time. Issues that might arise during the course of the trust’s life are:

  • Death or Resignation of a Trustee
  • Change in Laws
  • Income Tax Preparation
  • Change in Beneficiary Health
  • Challenge of Trustee Actions
  • Annual Reporting Requirements

Anticipating the problems as well as managing those that arise is what earns Attorney Snell the trust of clients throughout Massachusetts.

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